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Fully Qualified Antenna Technicians, Holders of ACRS Master cablers licence (with Structured cabling endorsement) and formerly endorsed under the Governments, Get Ready For Digital Scheme. We are committed to Providing Professional and Quality Services.


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At Antenna Tech we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest antenna technology, which is why we carry at least five different type of antenna. If anyone states that it,s one antenna for all, then that’s not the case, we have a varied range of 4g ready antennas for every situation.

We are trained in all aspects of antenna installation and take difficult, hard-to-access situations in our stride.

We service all residential and commercial properties, including houses, unit blocks, hotels, motels, shops, factories, offices, aged care facilities and hospitals.


If you’re having problems with your television reception, such as signal dropout, interference and pixilation, this could be caused by many factors, i,e interference from the new 4G service, Co channel interference from other transmitters, old and out of date antenna.

Speak to our team at Antenna Tech, will visit your home, test the strength of the signal, plus check the cables and connectors, diagnose the problem and advise you on the most suitable and cost-effective solution.


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